I'm running Windows 2000 and something really weird just happened to
my monitor. I have accidentally lowered the screen resolution from
1024x728 to 800x600 (right-clicked on the desktop by accident). OK, so
I went into the Display properties to change the settings back. I
first changed them to 1280x1024, just to see if I'd like it, because
that's what I have at work (albeit on an LCD monitor). Well, that
seemed too small, so when the little window appeared asking me whether
I wanted to keep the settings, I clicked on "No". Bang! - all of a
sudden all I see on my display is my wallpaper at the 800x600
resolution, and nothing else - no icons, no Taskbar, nothing. Oh, I
have a cursor. If I right-click on the desktop, I get a regular menu -
Active Desktop, Arrange Icons, etc. Clicking on anything but New
Folder or New Shortcut doesn't produce any results. If I make a new
folder, I can then get into My Computer via Exploring it, and move
around Windows Explorer at will, but that's not much help, because
when I get to Control Panel and click on Display, nothing happens.
Same thing with all the programs - I click on the .exe files, but
don't see anything. Tried to reboot - Ctrl+Alt+Delete doesn't work,
had to hard-reboot. When the Windows login window comes up, it's just
a blue screen. I can login into Windows by just hitting Enter (set it
up without a password), but I get the same result when I'm back in
Windows - wallpaper at low resolution and no access to programs. I
tried unplugging the monitor and even removing and replacing the video
card, all to no avail. I'm pretty much at my wits' end at this point.
Any help would be greatly appreciated! Thanks!