Can anyone tell me how to set specific power-saver options
for the logon screen in Windows 2000 Professional (SP4)?

I'm talking about selecting a Power Scheme at:
Control Panel > Display > Screen Saver: Power...
that will apply when no user is logged in (that is,
when the "Log In to Windows 2000" dialog is displayed).

Following the instructions here:
has not worked.

Following the instructions here:
regarding registry permissions has worked to allow different users to have
Power Schemes. (Before that, users who were not administrators could
change the settings in the dialog, but the changes had no effect.) Still,
the logon screen doesn't follow the settings for the .DEFAULT user:
instead, it follows the settings of whatever user was last logged on.
(I gave full control of those keys to Everyone and SYSTEM... what "user"
or group defines permissions for the logon dialog?)

How can I make the logon screen obey a fixed Power Scheme that is
different from that of l0gged-on users?

I don't even care if users can set their own power schemes: I just want
the monitor to shut down after about two hours of inactivity when someone
is logged on, but after about one minute when the logon screen is up. I
can simulate this with a black screen saver (screen savers do seem to work
from HKEY_USERS\.DEFAULT), but I'd rather power down the monitor.
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