"Ross Presser" wrote
>be aware that this is a commercial product, not a default part of any OS.

As a clarification to the above:

All current Command Libraries and MountCommand Sets ARE part of the standard
install on ALL NT-Based OS's including Windows NT4 SP6a+, Windows 2000,
Windows XP and Windows Server 2003 (see
http://TheSystemGuard.com/compatibility.htm for specifics).

Over 100 of these resources are COMPLETELY FREE, including the ENTIRE
ntlib.cmd, the Advanced NT/2K/XP Command Library (see http://ntlib.com).

Many hundreds more are "Almost Free" at $9 or less per system with quantity
discounts starting at 5. Our enterprise customers enjoy per-system pricing
as low as $1-$2 per machine! Typical small business networks average $6-$7.

Each Command Set or Library is COMPLETELY SELF CONTAINED, and requires
nothing that you don't already have! There is NO BINARY CODE, ONLY

A single .cmd file holds the entire product, including online help. Dozens
of "free" utilities are replaced with a single file WITHOUT INSTALLING ANY
ADDITIONAL SOFTWARE or adding anything to your system that Microsoft didn't
already provide.

Think of them as a standard set of APIs (Application Programming Interfaces)
for batch files. See (http://MountCommands.com) and (http://NTCmdLib.com).


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