3/4 quarters of the users profiles are unaccessable to
the Domain or Local Administrator.

User manager creates profile for new user but when new
user logs on they cannot change their desktop and when
they log off it does not save any changes to the server (i.e. does not
create the desktop folder, apps, cookie, etc.).

Admin tries to access folder and is denied access, Try to
change permission on root of drive or any of the folders
on the drive and access denied is reported.

root drive is Admin, Domain admin, System =FULL, Network, domain user
Profile folder =same as above
user profile folders are %username% =FULL
Can not change permissions on any of them.

D admin and local can create folders and change
permissions but not on profile folders created by User

Tried running Fixacl1, No luck, It says it can not get
Volume info.