He is simply opening the file using the NO_INTERMEDIATE_BUFFERING option in
(I do not remeber what the Win32 define for it is). This forces you to do
I/O on a sector boundry, but removes the cache manager from the picture.

Also, you can do a sector copy by reading the file allocation rage tables
(bitmap), but it is a waste of time.

Tell you programmer that trying to ensure job security by keeping secrets is
old school and that he will be exstinct very, very soon.

"Gary" wrote in message
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> Hi,
> We had a problem a while back where we were failing on NT to copy a
> file from one drive to another, insufficient resources. The files were
> around the 100-110 gb. Eventually traced this down to an NT probel. To
> get around it, one of the programmers wrote a non-buffered file copy
> utility which looks to be a sector copy. I'd like to know how he wrote
> this, but as he's the type not to share info, I thought I'd ask here -
> anyone any idea of how he would have done it?
> CHeers