I have looked at http://www.weihenstephan.de/~syring/win32/UnxUtils.html
and I have looked at FTP directory
/bussys/winnt/winnt-public/reskit/nt35/i386/ at ftp.microsoft.com

the unx utils does not seem to work and the install at the ftp site
dose not
handle the loading of the uudecode executiable.

I am still looking.......

dderr@nortelnetworks.com (David Derr) wrote in message news:<1d4fbfd.0306271313.5483c765@posting.google.com>...
> My problem is that the uuencoded file is a multi-file group that was
> zipped and then uuencoded. When I decode the file, I get multiple
> files (gz files). The problem is that the file names have characters
> that are not valid for Windows NT.
> I can change the name of the archive so that the offending characters
> are not there, but when I open the archive, the file in the archive
> has the offending characters and will not unzip the file. I have tried
> to filter the file names but when I do that the results is no longer
> usable by gzip.
> What I need to (or want to do) is take the multi uuencoded zip file
> and uudecode it and pipe the results directly to gzip and have all the
> embedded files end up in one large file (decoded and unzipped). The
> unix equivalent,
> uudecode -p |gzip -d >mydecodedunzipedfile works fine (has no problem
> with the ":" embedded in the file names. I can not get the equivalent
> on my PC.
> Any suggestions?
> Hope this is not to confusing and thanks.
> David Derr
> dderr@nortelnetworks.com