My recommendation (which I've followed for my home PC) is as follows:

1) 8Gb C: partition, where OS and most "work" programs go.
2) Remainder of drive (72GB) as D: partition (D as in "Data"). Put
all of your data there (including your MyDocuments folder). It just
occurred to me (as I'm writing this!) that I would ideally put
"Documents and Settings" there, but am not 100% sure how to do this.
3) Remaining hard drive (80GB) make partition, assign it drive letter
G: (as in "Games"). When installing any/all games, put them on G:
instead of on C:\Program Files. Games tend to be really big ...

Format everything as NTFS. Once I moved to Win2K, I found little that
didn't run (there are some DOS-only games that defy this, but if you
really want them, you can create a small FAT partition and put them
there, along with DOS and/or Win9x).

Bob Schor

On Mon, 23 Jun 2003 11:17:51 -0700, foobar wrote:

>I'm going to be switching from 98SE to 2000 Pro. Currently I have an
>80gb drive split to 2 40gb drives both running FAT32 of course.
>I bought a second identical 80gb drive yet to be formatted.
>I'll be switching to NTFS for the most part.
>Should I retain at least 1 partition in FAT32 perhaps for video games?
>(should I retain a dual boot feature for 98?)
>Given a clean slate, what would be some recommended partition setups
>to consider?
>C: NTFS 10GB? 40GB...?
>D: NTFS ...?
>I'll have 2 drives, each w/ 80gb as the starting point. I've got some
>video games (DirectX and such). I work w/ FrontPage, Image COmposer,
>Word, Excel, Visio, MSProject - all of which I just as soon live
>purely in a 2000 environment.