True, but one cannot "fine tune" it to individual users -- any
restriction appears to apply to ALL users. [PolEdit allowed you to
set restrictions on a "by-user" basis, but GPEdit doesn't unless you
have AD installed].

Some MS info suggests that there is a PolEdit for Win2K, but I haven't
yet found it.

Bob Schor

On Mon, 23 Jun 2003 14:59:30 GMT, (Ed Siff) wrote:

>start/run gpedit.msc. More policies than you care to deal with!
>In article <>, Bob Schor
> wrote:
>>In Win9x, I've used PolEdit (the System Policy Editor) to allow my
>>stand-alone PC to have "restricted accounts" for my children. I could
>>restrict use of registry tools, ability to access drives/network,
>>ability to alter display, etc.
>>I'm now using Win2K Pro (again, stand-alone). Is there a similar way
>>to restrict specific accounts? Assume that I have administrative
>>access, but do not have direct access to the individual user accounts
>>(hence want something that runs at logon time). Thanks for any
>>pointers (including those that say "Read about this here").
>>Bob Schor