One for you sys admin guys here:

Considering hardware upgrades for our main server at the moment, and so
decided to run Performance Monitor to see how the system's hardware is
coping with load.

In doing so, I remembered the reason why I don't use PM more often.. ie: cos
I don't really know how to interpret the figures it gives!

More specifically: I ran it for an hour in our busiest period. I monitored
the 3 main aspects with the
results below:

Memory - Pages/sec -> Avg 53.058 / Max 2937.560
PhysicalDisk - % Disk time -> Avg 14.749 / Max 352.137
Processor - % Processor time -> Avg 17.862 / Max 100.000

Now, Processor is obvious and 17% is a good low average (since I remember
from an NT4 admin course you only need to start worrying when the average
starts getting into the 70% area), so not worried there.

But, how the heck can Disk time have a max of 352 when it's done as a %age??
And how am I supposed to know whether an average of 53 Pages/sec is good bad
or ugly when I don't have any reference figures?

If any of you guys use PM how do you intrepret such figures?