I have a tiny laptop computer(smaller than a desk telephone set). It is
a Toshiba, Model Libretto110CT. It is running Windows NT. The password
to get into the computer (the W NT password) is lost. The computer was
not designed for, and does not have a CD drive, or floppy drive. It does
have slots for two cards (network cards and modem cards). I have a
10/100 3 com LAN card for the computer (I think it is called a PCIcard).
I also have a modem card.

I would appreciate any advise on how to get this unit up and running. I
cannot get by the password, or recover it. I understand that there are
programs to recover lost passwords, but I cannot see how to run one of
then when I don't have any way to input the program to the computer
since it has no floppy or CD drives.
EJ in NJ