We're using VirusScan 8.x and are having a problem on some machines (xp
pro) with Outlook 98. Outlook will either hang or will open and close
in a fraction of a second.

We've been able to isolate the problem to the Buffer Overflow
Protection feature in VirusScan. We can disable this feature, and
Outlook will open normally, but for a variety of reasons we would
rather not disable this protection.

In the properties sheet of the VirusScan Buffer Overflow Protection it
allows exclusions to be made on a process basis.

It asks for a process name, and we assume it would be outlook.exe. It
also asks, however, for the API being called. We're not programmers, so
we don't really have a clue as to what the Outlook API would be. (We
did try "outlook.exe API)We've checked the web, but could find no clear

We've know we can upgrade to Outlook 2003 to get around this problem.
We also know that Microsoft has provided buffer overflow protection in
SP2. but neither will solve our short term problem.

Any ideas?