I am looking for a Security Adminstrator for a large hospital with good
background in the healthcare industry. Administrator will help guide
security efforts in applications, desktops, networks by working with
each of the teams and keeping abreast with the latest viruses, patches,
threats, products etc. Project management skills along with good
customer service skills and a friendly attitude is very important for
this position. This is a very high interaction postion so this
individual should have excellent communications skills and good
experience in writing policies and procedures.
This position will require monitoring of systems, reports, audits and
follow up on breaches. A good understanding of complexities of hospital
environment or healthcare systems is preferred. Environment over all
a mixture of HP-UX , netware and windows but the Admin should have a
thorough knowledge on the windows side. On the networking side it is
mainly Cisco shop so a good understanding of Cisco Products is highly
This is a full time position with great benefits and competitive salary
in Fresno California with a very progressive hospital. Please send me
your resume or if you have any questions feel free to call me back.
If at this time this is not a good fit for you please feel free to send
this job description to somebody who might be a good fit and let them
call me or send me a recommendation.

Harvinder Singh