Not really a security question, but since security people are usually
the smartest, I thought I'd ask here:

We are having some odd errors on our XP machines, and I believe the
problem may be related to a customized default user profile that we are

We cusomized the default user profile by logging onto a fresh XP
install, made the changes to the profile that we wanted, then used the
profile manager to copy that profile to other XP boxes in our domain.
However, when I did that, I stupidly overwrote the original default user
profile, without backing it up on our XP machines, and thus can't get it

I could install a new XP box, then log in as a user, change nothing,
then copy that profile to our XP boxes, but I'd prefer to start with a
fresh default user profile that hasn't been touched by anything.

Is there any way to install the default user profile from the XP install
CD-ROM, wihtout having to reinstall the entire OS? I just want the
default user profile back!

Thanks in advnace,