hi friends,

I want to configure Fax Server means one pc have facilty to send fax
using modem.

but my other 500 client would be send fax using this 2003 server. so
any body know about. please start this topic and give some solution. in
further work i have find fax server is available in windows 2003 server
i have installed. it provides fax sharing. when i am installing fax on
other machine it ask. you need to restart fax service. when i am
restarting it it ask for modem installed on machine. that thing i do
not want.

modem is installed on one machine other machine should be connect with

pc(modem not)-----------------------------
pc(modem not) ----(i want to do fax)--------SERVER(2003)-----fax
pc(modem not)-----------------------------
pc(modem not)-----------------------------