I am trying to restrict aplications that user can run-like in security policy(both what they can and what can't so not restrictRun) but there i can choose only all/all but admins and i need to restrict only one user. I've found key HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Policies\Microsoft\Win dows\Safer\CodeIdentifiers and probably creating similar key in H_CU will be ok, but they use strange keys like {dda3f824-d8cb-441b-834d-be2efd2c1a33} or {8868b733-4b3a-48f8-9136-aa6d05d4fc83} ([...]CodeIdentifiers\262144\Paths\{191cd7fa-f240-4a17-8986-94d480a6c8ca}:ItemData) if i want to create
my own i'm trying to create key with identical number of signs(for example changing one number) but it doesn't work... Any ideas what these names mean and how to create new that will work???