Sorry if this is the wrong group, there were more postings here for
Windows 2000 lockdown than in the Windows2000 group.

I'm attempting to make a very restricted guest account with access to
nothing but an Internet Browser. For the most part, I've succeeded in
removing all the unwanted Start Menu items with registry tweaks (or by
using the Group Policy editor) as detailed in other postings. The one
thing remaining is to prevent guests from opening an explorer by right
clicking on the Start Menu's Programs folder and choosing "Open", or

I've attempted putting a DisallowRun:REG_DWORD:0x1 value in the
HKCU\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Pol icies\Explorer key
with a corresponding 1:REG_SZ:explorer.exe value in the DisallowRun
key, but this fails, I suspect, because the instance of explorer.exe
used is the one already running (for the taskbar, etc). I've already
got the No*ContextMenu settings in place, but they have no effect on
these menus. I've checked all the* groups,
the Windows 2000 group, all the websites recommended there, and more,
with no luck on this specific problem.

I'd rather not go the route of allowing access to explorer and
locking down explorer; guest has no need for it. I'd be satisfied to
keep guest's shortcut to a Browser on the desktop, or out of
Start/Programs, and get rid of the Programs menu, the Start Button, or
the Taskbar entirely if that's easier.

Thanks, m