Ken Hagan wrote:
> "Mike Lomonte" wrote...
> > In Windows NT 4.0 can you restrict a global group from seeing that

> > folders exists and permit different levels of access (some read

> others
> > write) to other folders at the same level in the directory

> No. Access control is not visibility control, except in the trivial
> sense that denying access to a container (such as a folder) will
> prevent people from seeing any of the objects within it.
> > I know how to grant the access, but users without access still seem

to be
> > able to list the folder.

> This depends on what you mean by "list the folder".
> Denying all access to the folder should be enough to stop people
> listing its contents. The appearance of the folder itself in the
> listing of its parent is a result of having "list" access to the
> parent folder.

The solution you're looking for is a product called "Cloak,"
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