Since I while back, I've been using the task manager to quickly see if there
are any suspicious processes running. Truthfully, it was after having
discovered the site www.processlibrary.com that I started doing it more
systematized (since they have a database with "recognized" databases).
Notice the quotation marks, for that's what my question is about... Is it
quite sure that you can identify processes/applications on a one-to-one
basis using just the "Image name" (most left pane in the process tab, task
manager)? It seems unlikely, since the names look like common executables.

If anyone could enlighten me on this topic, I'd be grateful. Also, don't
hesitate to point out some in-depth tech information on processes. Since I
do some programming, I'd love to get my hands on the system tech. behind
this. I did look around but only found "high level" stuff on the MS
developer site as well as in the API functions library.