Greetings folks.


Logged in as Administrator on an NT 4.0 SP6a Server. "Some" profiles
aren't accessible in \Winnt\Profiles\, but not all. Checked permissions,
user/system, full control. Tried to change permissions, access denied.
Checked permissions of the accounts I can access, same permissions.
Checked to make sure something hadn't changed in the Administrator
account, all groups are present. Can add/change users in Domain Users.
Only problem that I can see is the profiles aren't accessible. This is
true for some older accounts (+2 years) as well as brand new accounts
setup within the past week.

These same Roaming users, on their own workstations, when logging out,
cannot save settings to the server (of course). When they log back in,
none of the changed Exchange settings are there (of course). Get an
error when logging out of workstations, something to the effect of
"Cannot save your roaming profile to the domain server. Contact system
administrator." I am the administrator, however, I inherited this old NT
domain from outgoing "admin", and he hasn't a clue what this is all

Anyone ever seen such a beast?

Colonel Flagg

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