I am having a heck of a time staying ahead of hackers on a stand alone
Windows 2000 Web server. I have renamed my root, guest and IIS
accounts but I can see from my logs that hackers have found the
account names.

1. How can I conceal User Account names from hackers?
2. Concerning what I have done below, is there anything other than
using LINUX that I have missed?

Other things I have done:
0. Reinstalled OS (ensuring clean OS)
1. Installed latest Service Pack and updates (and stay on top of
2. Installed Firewall Software.
3. Install Virus and Spyware detection software.
4. Disabled all unrequired Services and Accounts.
5. Locked down Security Policies on accounts.
6. Removed common 2000 shares ($name etc.).

Thanks for your advice,