First of all I'd like to point out that *I* know exactly what happens when
you set a folder with 'deny' - you're stuffed.
Unfortunately, I don't get to have control of every server, and some muppet
allowed a user with alleged clue to fiddle with permissions for a folder,
and he decided to set it with Everyone-deny. Luckily, the folder in
question isn't root or winnt[1].
What I'd like to be able to do is be able to either get access to the
folder, or at least delete it so my backup software doesn't whinge every
time it encounters it. The things I've tried so far (as local admin):

Take ownership (no access error)
Use cacls from 1 folder up to change permissions all the ways down[2] (no
access - stopped processing when it got to the offending folder)
A half-hearted gui attempt as above and with the same results.

The only thing I can think of that's left is to break out the bootable Linux
CD with NTFS write enabled[3] and delete the folder, but I'd rather not do
that if there is an easier/less-hairy method. Oh, and I'd prefer not to try
slaving the disk (but might do it at the w/e if no luck otherwise) as it'll
take the machine down for too long.

[1] Yes, it's NT4 Server. Any comments about upgrading it will be met with
serious force - a beating around the head with the hardcover MS book of your
[2] The only reason I've tried this is because it worked in the past and I
still don't know why - the problem was exactly the same.
[3] I know - more dangerous than crocodile dentistry.

Thanks for any help, or even abusive comments such as 'nail the admin up by
the unprintables'. :-)