I've just had to reformat a disk and re-install XP Pro. Nothing unusual in that but I had some folders encrypted on my data drive
and now I cannot read them.
Right - off to see what help Microsoft provide...
After (eventually) finding out what I had done wrong, (not reversed the encryption before re-installing the OS), I followed the
instructions to recover the data. Whoops. I can't. Having found the instructions to add myself as a Recovery Agent, I found that
I cannot. OK, let do this the hard way. I then went into my network, logged on as the Administrator on another machine and tried
to reverse the encryption. Didn't work, despite the help stating it would. I assumed that the Administrator account on my network
machine is designated as the recovery agent. It seems it may not be but the help is VERY sparse and, unless you are a security
specialist, difficult to follow. Does anyone have any suggestions, please? For instance, if I have a laptop connected to my
network and feel happy about destroying the contents thereon, how can I get the encrypted files decrypted again without the original
recovery certificate?