Hi all,

On a Server (Windows 2000 Server & Exchange Server 2000) there seem to
go on very strange things.

First of all the server started to perform really badly... extremly
slow, now and then system services (e.g. some of the exchange
services, or the veritas backup job engine servic) just stopped
without any reason logged in any of the systems logs.

when we started investigating the system, we found out that for some
reason the Windows Security Update KB835732 failed to install. So we
went through all the changes that this update would like to perform,
and found that "lsass.exe" was completely missing on our system.

Further the files "Ntkrnlmp.exe" and "Ntkrpamp.exe" were only existing
in the "driver cache"-directory, but not in WINNT\system32 or anywhere

So we tried to copy "lsass.exe" from an other machine to
"C:\WINNT\system32". First time we tried, nothing happened, the file
was not copied, but there was no error message either. So we tried
again... and still nothing happened ... so we tried to copy it in a
command shell ...the shell said "1 files copied", but the file
couldn't be found afterwards.

the last thing we found out, was the the file "taskmgr.exe" was not
the same sice as on other windows 2000 servers in our network, but it
claimed to be from microsoft.

does anyone have a clue what's going on on this machine? any help? any

thanx a lot for you help.