I am using windows 2000 pro and have been trying, without success, to
get ipsec to work.
I have looked high and low on the web and after a while, all of the
information pages begin to look alike. Most sites are just copied from
one another but here are just two of the examples I have followed.

I have followed these instructions down to the letter and have even
tried multiple variations of the same configuration. However, when I
add the rule to "block all incoming traffic" and then enable the
policy, no matter what else I do, no matter what rule I create to
allow incoming traffic…. I can not browse, ping.. nothing.

All of the instructions, from all different sites, say to create a
policy to deny all inbound traffic and then to add the ports you want
and allow them permission in different rules but under the same
policy. I do that and the "block all traffic" rule just gets in the
way, cutting me off. If I make rules to block port 80 only, and omit
the "block all traffic" rule, .. I can still browse when I should not
be able to from the rule I just made to block port 80.
I have been at this for a few days now and just can't seem to find
what it is that I am doing wrong.

Maybe someone in the group has had more experience using ipsec and can
offer some assistance or guidance.
Any help is greatly appreciated.