It depends what you mean by "securing" a machine. The C2 security
certification used to virtually mean that a system wasn't connected to a
network, was in a separate room by itself, no diskette drive or CD-ROM.
Preferably turned off. That was fairly secure.

Security is a trade-off between ease of use and restrictive 'safeguards'.
You need to find the right balance for your environment. You have to find
out whether security is worth it. I'd start by asking what the cost of being
hacked is. It's probably higher for an e-commerce website than a web server
serving static pages of public domain information, so its sensible to
consider spending more time and money securing the e-commerce site.

How 'tight' do you want your server to be? You could replace IIS with a
hardened commercial web server. You could shut off all ports except 80, but
then it would be a pain to administer.

Have you looked at Microsoft's security website? They have some good
principles and checklists of the main areas.


"jonezy" wrote in message
> is there software like portsentry thats available for windows 2000 server?
> can someone also recommend some good software and sources for securing
> windows 2000 server and iis?