Hello All,

I like to get the name of the local Users group.
In NT4, this is always called "Users".
However in W2K and XP this name is language dependent.
I now need the name to add a user to this users group.

The final solution is needed in Visual C, but any pointers might help.

What have I tried:
- NetLocalGroupAddMembers(...) can add members, but only if group name is
known (which I don't have).
- NetQueryDisplayInformation(...) doesn't give me anything, because the
computer is not a domain server.
- NetLocalGroupEnum(...) gives me the local group name and comment, but I
can't check if it's the language dependent "Users" group.
- Using AllocateAndInitializeSid(...) I can create a SID with the
DOMAIN_ALIAS_RID_USERS, but this SID can't be used to get the name of the
- It's not an entry in the registry I think.

Hope you can help,