We have a client who inherited two Windows XP Professional machines
from their old office (a larger facility running Active Directory,
multiple Domain Controllers, etc.). Their new office has a much simpler
configuration - 3 computers in a workgroup. One of the two inherited
XP machines was configured to have fairly restrictive local machine
(group?) policies - the local Admin can't run gpedit, Excel gives a VB
registry error when starting up, IE has only one zone, etc.

The good news - we can hook the machine up to the old network and
we do have access to the (network) Administrator password.

The bad news - no one is available at the old office to help out. I'm
also a bit of a novice Windows Administrator.

Could someone help me out and explain the change(s) I need to make
in Active Directory so our machine doesn't follow the network policies
anymore? Is it as simple as removing the machine from the domain in
Active Directory?

Thank you in advance.

Jim Boughton