I work on two computers, which are part of a network. When I ping one
of them (from any other PC on the network) I do not get any response.
The unpingable PC is functioning as usual, i.e. I can read mail,
connect to the Internet, ping other computers and use their shares. I
can't, however, use the shares on the problematic PC, since it can
neither be accessed via the IP nor via its name.

I know that network issues depend on many variables, and I do have
Novell client, VPN client and McAfee installed, and I'm part of a
network. My hope is that this is a Windows issue that can be solved
regardless of the other factors, though I know this is a long shot...

At least the two computers I work on are identical regarding the
network - I even use the same username and password (yet one can ping
the other, but the other way fails). All computers use Win2k.