I am running a small computer lab in a jail environment for inmates. The
setup is: Domain named LAB. Until now we have been using NT4 server and NT4
workstations. Due to the nature of the place I have put a lot of
restrictions on user group INMATES that are updated from a policy placed on
the server \\inmate_fs\test.pol. We had no problems there.
Administrators/teachers had all the rights, inmates restrictions like No My
Computer visible, or No hard drives visible, No Network Neighborhood
available, etc.
Now, however, we got some new XP workstations that I'm trying to add to the
lab (replace the existing NT workstations). I can log onto the domain and
have installed relevant software, but have noticed that some of my users
(mostly new ones) can log into the domain without those restrictions I
placed using poledit.exe on NT. Is there a way those new XP workstations can
read and apply the test.pol file on the server. It seemed for a moment that
they read them (some of the old users) but I don't think they can now.

Any help would be appreciated. Maybe a pointer to MS knowledge base would
suffice. In time we will probably switch to the 2003 server, but for know we
are stuck with the NT server but would eventually like to replace all the NT
workstations with XP ones.


Tad Menert