Dear everybody,

I'm wondering with a problem regarding IP forwarding and VPN.

I have configured a Windows NT 4.0 PC as a VPN client. The PC makes a
call to the VPN server and it gets a connection. The devices involving
in the
connection (the modem and the RASPPTPM virtual device) are configured
as dial
out only. IP forwarding flag is enabled. The PC has also an Ethernet
NIC at
When the PC gets access to the VPN server it was assigned at IP
address The VPN server has the private IP address I'm able
to ping
the VPN server.

Connected to the Ethernet interface of the PC ( I have
PC with IP address I have added in its routing table the
path to
reach the subnet (Dst= Msk=
I wish to ping the VPN server ( from this PC using the
built-in routing feature of the VPN client (

The ping doesn't work. I have reproduced the same situation using a
2000 Professional PC as VPN client instead of the Windows NT one. The
works !!!

Could you suggest me anything ?

Best Regards