Also, if it is not a security issue, check to see if a personal
firewall is present. If so, allow ports 137, 138, 139, and 445. Also,
make sure File and Print Sharing, the Server service, and Remote
Registry service is enabled.

Carl Cox wrote:
> It may be that the problem is NetBios Name Cache related.
> Try making a connection (browsing a share alone should do it) with

> first.
> Carl Cox
> "Nick Mullins" wrote in message
> news:MjcL8.112707$%y.11815467@bin4.nnrp.aus1.gigan
> > Am having problems getting computer management to connect to a

> > machine. I get an error "Network path not found" even though both

> > are on the same subnet and the computer I am connecting to is

listed in
> the
> > Foward look-up zone in DNS. Any ideas?
> >
> > Big'un
> >
> >