I have a rather aggravating problem that I'm hoping has a simple
answer. (I'm new to network administration, as in, no experience
whatsoever.) I just transitioned from a Win2k Pro based workgroup at
my auto dealership to a NT 4 managed domain with the same Win2k Pro

I'm now having a problem with user accounts being able to set default
printers. Although the roaming profiles I've set up work great, certain
settings just don't seem to "take". For example, the default printers.
Or letting a user show hidden files in a folder.

I'm sure this has something to do with the profiles as I can make these
changes on the Administrator account. They just don't carry over to
user accounts. Each user is set up as a Power User on their "home"
computer, and as a Restricted user on other systems. My understanding
is that Power Users should be able to implement these changes (folder
options, default printer) on any machine where they have Power User

Any ideas?

Danielle Yursgar
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