When I got to work this morning I couldn't log into my NT domain
account. My account had been locked out. I phoned helpdesk and they
reset my password. I logged in successfully but shortly after that I
wasn't able to access the network drives anymore.

I realised that I had visited a colleague earlier this month who didn't
have access to a certain network drive and I mapped it for him using my
NT domain account. In the meantime that password has expired and that
PC is still trying to log in with my account (but old password), which
makes my account being locked out!

Problem is... I do this so often (and usually UNcheck Reconnect at
Logon) that I can't remember where the PC is that is doing this. We
have about 5000 employees here, and I have already phoned EVERYbody
whom I could think of where i might have created a mapping, and asked
them to disconnect any network mappings that aren't working anymore.

So, is there any way that I can find out where my NT domain account is
unsuccessfully being attempted?

Helpdesk isn't much of a help (they are after all just helpdeskies), so
I would like to confirm here that someone with Domain Admin rights
would be able to trace down the failed attempts.
Please help!