Hi all...
My server was partitioned (drive c)with only 2 GB space for all operational
There are things that I need to remove in order to run this update without
crashing the system.
c: properties current;y states I have 254MB remaining of C:

There are programs on the server that I NEVER use. Can I safely remove the
following without
effecting server operation? or, Is it possible to move a program from c: to
e: (where I have 15 GB free space)
My file system is NTFS.

microsoft FrontPage
Microsoft Office
Microsoft Script Debugger
Microsoft web publishing wizard 1.52

There are also a lot of files in my Winnt folder called ~DFD????.tmp
can those go?

Thanks for you help. If this is not the appropriate place for this, can you
direct me to a group that can help?