A user on our network has a corrupt profile, and all attempts to replace it
have failed.

When jbloggs logs in, his roaming profile (also called 'jbloggs') gets
copied down to the workstation. This has screwed up so many times that we
have created a completely new profile called 'bloggsj' and set the jbloggs
login to use that.

No dice. Even though we have deleted the 'jbloggs' profile from both the
workstation and the server, and the user account details only refer to
'bloggsj', everytime the user logs in we look in c:documents and settings
and find a shiny new 'jbloggs' profile.

Any ideas? We run an NT domain, with a mix of NT, 2000 and XP clients. The
user in question has a 2000 client.


Stuart Houghton
book reviews:http://asciimonkey.blogspot.com/