I am running windows xp pro and trying to connect to 2 vpns
simultaneously. One of the VPN networks is 10.10.100.x while the
other is 10.10.101.x

When I am connected to both at the same time my routing does not
appear to work properly. I am unable to fix my routing tables to
route things properly and can't seem to edit my existing tables. I am
trying to change or delete the or entries but
it cannot be done.

Here is the relevant table entries when connected to both VPNs: 30 1 1 50 50 50 50 50 50 50

I am connecting from an internal network to begin with via a wireless
router. I need a routing script that will work in this scenario AND
for access from ANY 10.x.x.x based network for my wireless access,
such as at starbucks. For example my computer is already on a
10.x.x.x network then tries to connect to the 2 VPNs also on other
10.x.x.x networks but all with legitimately different subnets.

Any help would be greatly appreciated!