This has got to be a really weird one, but I'll give it a shot -
NT4, SP6 PDC also used as file and print server.
The server normally is configured to connect to the printers by hostname
because they are DHCP clients with some sort of dynamic DNS solution.
After installing 14 Windows Updates and then rebooting, I got lots and lots
of calls from users unable to print. (I can list all of the patches if
anyone is interested).
After some troubleshooting I realized that the jobs were reaching the server
but not being sent to the printers. I tried using the IP address of the
printers instead and had 100% success. I was able to continuously ping the
printers by hostname with success and I could send print jobs to them by
hostname while sitting at the server.
Now it gets even weirder -
I began to realize that if I sat at a workstation logged on with Admin
rights on the server, my jobs would reach the printers that were still set
to use the hostname from the print server (apparently this is the reason
that I had no trouble sending jobs when I sat at the server). If I logged
on as regular user I had no success. I tried it several times with the same
results. I could send a text file with one word in it as a regular user
compared to a 5MB pdf file as an Admin and it was still consistent. I
noticed that as a regular user the job might reach about 50 KB and then just
stop - Unless I changed the print server to connect to the very same printer
by IP address!
The problem seemed intermittent before the workaround, but in any case there
are about 40 printers hanging off the server and this problem affected all
of them.
I can't leave the server configured to connect to the printers by IP address
in case the address changes.

Question #1 - Does anyone have any idea what might be going on?
Question #2 - Is this one of the strangest computer problems that you have

If you answer "No" to question #2, then I'll assume that the answer is "Yes"
to the first question.

Thanks in advance.