I'm working on a web based interface that will be used to pre-approve
certain requests before they are insterted into a Magic Service Desk
Enterprise 7.5 system (SQL Server backend). The bulk of the work is
done but the client has requested an add-on to allow the uploading of
related documentation. I know that the Magic system supports
attachments and stores them in the _TELATTACH_ table, but I've been
unable to replicate the format that the files are stored in. (This is
neccessary as I use a staging database to store the pre-approval
requests and then copy the data to the Magic system.)

Does anyone know if the Magic system is compressing the files or
storing them in some other format? A simple
RS("fileblob").AppendChunk doesn't seem to be correct.

An example perhaps? For a file called WS_FTP.LOG it will store the
following (actual line breaks):


The file itself contains (no line breaks):
2004.05.03 13:42 B C:\Documents and
Settings\cbloom\Desktop\kroberts@lwgcnh.com.iaf --> www.mae-data.com /

Any help would be appreciated. If possible, please CC
xangelusx@_NOSPAM_hotmail.com in any replies.

PS: I've noticed in my other postings of this that Outlook Express,
when reading in the message from the news server, will treat the text
that I entered in the first example as an attachment. I wonder if this
could shed some light on the storage format???