Hello all.
After installing a new Windows 2003 Terminal Server w/MS Office 2003,
we've noticed slow printing across the company network.

The error message MS Word 2003 gives is:
Microsoft Office Word: The printer has not yet responded,
but the Microsoft Office program may be able to proceed
without printer information. Do you want to continue to wait
for the printer?

I have also noticed under "Printer and Faxes" the status of several
LAN printers change to:
Status: Printer not found on server, unable to connect.

There are approx 30 network printers installed on the Terminal server,
all HP1200 or HP1300. The client PCs range from Windows 98 - WinXP
Pro. Approx 10 printers are on the LAN but through our VPN to remote
offices (via 3meg DSL).

Any info or help appreciated.