Hello, I'm hoping that someone might have a clue as to why I'm
experiecing a problem with RRAS to establish a VPN.

Symptom: After setting up RRAS to establish a VPN the network slows
down. RRAS works for the purpose of the VPN, but computers internally
experience a slow network connection.

Configuration: I installed a second NIC on a Windows 2000 Server.

The original NIC:
New secondary NIC:

The secondary NIC is setup on the DMZ via a Netgear router for the
purpose of accessing the VPN externally. is set as everyones DNS.

Further Data: On top of this now that RRAS is disabled in order to
speed the network back up Windows 98 users receive a message stating
that the domain on which they are attempting to log in is invalid.
Eventually they are allowed to log in though. It's not black or white
at all.

Also, now with RRAS turned off when pinging the PDC named "server",
the new secondary NIC ( responds, instead of the primary
NIC ( For the record both have a metric of "1".

Any ideas would be greatly appreciated!