Why not just assign those kiosk machines a static IP?
"Dale Ray" wrote in message
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> We have a number of NT4 SP6a PC's that sometimes receive the following
> message on startup.
> "DHCP Client: The DHCP client could not obtain an IP address. If you
> want to see DHCP messages in the future, choose YES. Otherwise choose
> NO."
> The machines are used in two locations, one where they receive an IP
> address and are able to access the network. The second location has
> no network access, and this is when the message is displayed.
> Choosing NO only stops the DHCP message from displaying for the
> current session, the next time the machine is started the message
> reappears. In this location the machines are used in a kiosk mode to
> gather data and it is not practical have someone come along and press
> NO.
> Is there any way of disabling this message permanently, without
> stopping or removing the DHCP service?
> thanks
> Dale Ray