we have problems during the logon/logoff procedure of our
The Terminalserver are centralized, and the Clients/ThinClients logon
from different domains, running a published application.

The loading of the profiles takes sometimes 5 minutes (only in some
domains). Analizing the IP-packages we found out, that there were very
small packages and much traffic.

The Users from the far domains don't logon in our Domains, because we
don't want to administer the accounts twice. The profiles are copied
from the far logon-server to the terminal-server they're connected to.

After the logon process, everything is running fast (published
Running the logon in the domain, containing the Terminal-Servers is

We're running:
Windows 2000 Server SP2
Citrix Metaframe XP FR 3
Thinprint 7.0

NT 4.0 SP 6a
Citrix PN-Agent
Thinprint Client 7.0

Has anyone an idea how to solve our logon-problem and how to reduce
the size of the transfered profile?
I don't believe that it's a problem with Citrix.

Best Regards
Dirk Drexler