Hi there I am doing my CCNA and my MCSE finally after saving for ages,
anyway, I have the CCNA

toolkit with the questions but not the answers for that I have to buy
the full toolkit, and money

being tight, I can't really afford to so I as wondering if you guys
can help.

The following questions I haven't managed to work out:

a)In relation to IEEE802.3 Ethernet media topologies:

i Explain the ‘5:4:3 Rule'.
ii. What is meant by the term ‘Extended Star' ?
iii. Explain how the 5:4:3 rule is applied in an extended star
network. Clearly show how the rule

limits the topology of an extended star network.

b)Explain what is meant by the terms vulnerable time and collision
window. Calculate the vulnerable

time and collision window for the following networks based upon
knowledge of their cable length


i. 10Base2
ii. 10BaseT
iii. 100BaseT

In each case determine the slot time specified within the IEE802.2
standards and compare with the

collision window calculated above. Discuss the reason/s why your
answers differ from those specified.

c)Describe carrier extension used in Gigabit Ethernet and explain why
it is necessary.

Now I just don't know how to even answer those hard questions PLUS,
how technical do I have to go in

oder to get the markrs I need.

Thanks very much.