I hope somebody can help me here:

Goal: connect our home computer with WIN 98SE and my wife's laptop
with NT4 so we could share the high speed internet connection. and
maybe share some files on the 2 computers. Most important was to have
internet connection on both computers at the same time.

I purchased a Microsoft MN-700 router.
Installed the base connected to the home computer with WIN 98SE.
All worked nicely.

Then tried adding the laptop, but the documentation on the MN700 does
not mention anything about WINDOWS NT.
We want to leave current network settings alone on the laptop because
she must connect to a work network everyday.
We connected the laptop to the base station but it cannot access the
web at all. The base station is aware of teh laptop though.

Can anybody suggest what we can do. Or how to set up the laptop so it
can access the web without changing work LAN settings?

Is the MN700 compatible with NT4?

thanks a billion

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