Hi there,

Here the situation: I have a 2003 Standard Server, with 3 XP Pro SP1
workstations. The server is running the simplest form of a active directory
domain. It is continuously connected to the internet via RRAS. Pinging from
a workstation to the server goes as fast as normally, and copying files to
and from the server goes at just under 10MB per second. Also copying
thousands of little files is as fast as normally (no delays whatsoever). So
by the numbers, everything seems to be ok. But with MS software, everything
is not always what is seems

Here comes the problem: On any workstation, opening a shortcut from the
start menu or the desktop (or anywhere on the system) may take up to 10
seconds, and during this time, the particular PC is doing absolutely nothing
other than waiting for something (I suspect the network, I mean, what
else?). After this time, any network drive mappings are "disconnected". And
after trying to reconnect for about 10-15 seconds, everything is fine again
for only God knows how long.

I've checked and double-checked everything cencerning DNS, RRAS, active
directory, policies. Honestly, I have no clue where else to look from now.
It should be OK, but it's not.

Oh, and I've had this problem with my previous server as well, which was a
win2k server... So you can image I'm beginning to get just a little

Anyone knows what to do? A suggestion? Any help is appreciated


Martijn Saly