I am on 512 ADSL / behind Router
my ADSL is non static IP, (but it's no problem - my router is goning online
all the time )

router gives me
from xxx.xxx.xxx.10 to xxx.xxx.xxx.20 ip's (have 20comps
ofcourse "gate" on the computers is the ip of the router

router has olso firewall - (so table of PAT is configured for 20ports, one
port for each ip adreses (computer))

my example: - it's my computer - it's computer with windows 2003 enterprise - other comp - other comp - other comp

Computer with win2003 has two lan-cards, Realtek and 3Com.
One of them is configured for internet connection, the other is for "stand
by option"
(if needed i will use it)

i dont want to engage everything on windows 2003 (to make him real server)
i don't want to add server role like
DNS - i don't need it/.Archive.Directory - i olso will not use it/.DHCP. -
noo need my router has one./

finally my question is:
How to configure win2003ent-ed. to gain VPN connections from outside
how to do it step/by/step !!! ofcourse take a look what config do i have.
(i wish to connect to my home lan, when i am in other place...)

i hope someone will be so gratefull and tell me, step by step.