I have two domains, montrose(Site A 192.168.1.x) and alba(Site B
192.168.2.x) that do not have a trust relationship. Montrose is a
W2KAD Domain controller and Alba is an NT4 Domain controller. Each
domain has a mix of XP/2000/NT machines in the domain. I want to place
two clients from each domain into the other Site but still have them
authenticate to the original domain. (Disjoint administrative and
Broadcast domains?) Is this possible? If so, is there anything special
that I will have to do? And can someone tell me what "Disjoint
administrative and Broadcast domains" really means? If this is
possible, when a broadcast packet is sent out in Site A's address
space, will it ever make it to the two machine's that sit in Site B
but belong to Montrose?

Thanks in advance.

Bob B. English