We have around 30-40 computers set up on a network with Windows 2000
It runs off a domain and the users have 'roaming profiles' so they can
access any of the machines if they are out on jobs or at different
workstations throughout the office. Their profile is stored on the
server and there are no problems accessing this component.

The problem is that every time a new user is set up, their profile is
installed on the server, and each machine has Office 2000 installed
locally on C:\programs...etc. but everytime someone goes to a
different machine, Word, Excel, Outlook will ask for the Office 2000
CD key and it goes through the whole set up procedure as if Office was
never on the computer, when they log into that local machine.

After you have gone through this once there are no problems and the
user can access the machine as normal, but when they go to another
machine, it seems that the profiles settings are not configured

It appears to be quite a common problem but can anyone shed some light
of the simplest way to fix this.

My first throughts could be registry? Or something to do with local
vs roaming profiles.