Hey all,
I have a 2003 server in its own forest. I have another 2000 server in
another forest. I'm running Terminal server on the 2003 server using
the logins
from the 2000 server. I have a global group on the 2000 server and I
have that global group placed in a local group on the 2003 server. I
have given permission to terminal server in to the local group on the
2003 server. I have 2 problems:

1. The only way I was able to get a group policy in effect was to
apply the policy to the 2003 computer. I created an OU and placed the
2003 Server in the OU and created a GPO to apply to that OU. I cannot
get it to apply user configuration policies doing it in this manner.

2. I have icons for software that I want everyone to have in the All
Users folder on the Terminal Server. For users that log in from the
other forest(non ts forest), they do not get these icons. I can log in
using a local account and I do get the icons. As I said in problem 1,
I cannot get the user configurations to take effect so the folder
redirections do not work. Keep in mind that I use logins from the
other forest. The only logins that are on this 2003 server are admin
and 1 test account.

Thank you for your help!