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> Hi!
> I have been searching this newsgroup but cant resolve this.
> I have a company Win2K laptop setup to a company domain account which
> I have been told not to change.
> I have a WinNT desktop as home PC.
> I have admin accounts on both PCs, but not on domains. I have enabled
> guest accounts. I have set the WORKGROUP on my home NT to match the
> domain.
> I can ping the IP addresses OK.
> Objective is to share file folders. But cannot !!!
> From office win2k laptop :
> tried "net use \\ntmachine/user:administrator"
> or "net use \\IP/.."
> Error 67 Network name cannot be found
> tried "net use IP/user:administrator"
> Error 53 Network path was not found

Try adding the netbui protocol to both machines --- this should work unless
you want use ICS